Vertical Head Surface Grinder


Technical Specifications :

Operation Type Hydraulic
Longitudinal Table Traverse  1350 mm
Vertical Head Traverse  550 mm
Max. Grinding Length 1000 mm
Max. Grinding Width 350 mm
Max. Distance between Table and Grinding Wheel 550 mm
Distance from Column   to Table Centre 350 mm
Segmental Wheel Dia. 350 mm
Grinding Spindle Rotating Speed Variable
Grinding Spindle Motor Power 5 Hp (3.75 Kw)
Head Rapid Feed Motor Power (Up, Down) 0.50 Hp (0.37 Kw)
Hydraulic System Motor Power 1 Hp (0.75 Kw)
Coolant Pump Motor Power 0.50 Hp (0.37 Kw)
Overall Size 1900 x 1150 x 1750 mm
Approx. Weight 1500 Kg